Timna Park offers a variety of activities for groups at special prices.
Activities include day tours of the Park's sites, guided sunset tours and delicious meals, accommodation in shared tents, social evenings and a DJ.
In addition, Timna Park houses the first pharaonic challenge complex of its kind in Israel - "Timna Action", desert action with an assortment of challenging and reality missions in ancient Egyptian style, action not seen since the days of Ramesses: Pharaohs' Chariots,, Bayonets and Ramesses, Secret of the Gods, the Domino Snake, Slingshot, Cairoglyph and more.
For more details contact: [email protected]

Timna holds exclusive events at a variety of the Park’s sites – in unique desert charm:

  • The Majestic Solomon’s Pillars
  • The Magical Timna Lake
  • Khan King Solomon
  • The Cave - suitable for luxurious intimate events
  • Temple Ridge


Fun and Challenging Group Activities