We are reopening Timna park on thursday 11/02/2021!!!

Opening hours: sunday to saturdy 08:00 - 16:00 
Resopening hours: monday to saturday 08:30 - 16:00 (sunday closed)

The entrance fee for adults from the age of 15 is 39 shekels.
The entrance fee for children aged 3 to 14 is 35 shekels. 
The entrance fee includes our multi-media exhibition and a bottle for filling colored sand.
Bicycles and pedal boats may be rented at an extra cost.
Timna Park offers a kosher dairy restaurant open daily until 5 pm. 
Visitors are welcome to stay and enjoy in the Park until sunset.
In July and August, due to extreme hot weather opening hours are on Sunday to Thursday and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. On Fridays and Holiday Eves from 8 am to 1 pm and camping in the Park, bicycle and pedal boat rentals are not available during these months.   
Timna Park offers a variety of accommodation options: camping, comfortable rooms and luxury caravans.

In July and August, due to extreme hot weather, it is advisable to reach the park in vehicles rather than on foot ! 

Park Timna, located some 25 km (about 17 miles) north of Eilat, combines beautiful scenery with special antiquities and history and a variety of activities the whole family will enjoy. The horseshoe-shaped valley covers some 60,000 dunams (15,000 acres) and is surrounded by steep cliffs. In the center is Mount Timna, 453 m (about 1500 ft) above sea level. Timna Valley is a geological window revealing a variety of minerals including copper, iron and manganese.

Timna is the site of the world’s first copper mine. Thousands of ancient mining shafts can be seen throughout the park as well as remains of smelting furnaces dating back to ancient imperial Egypt. Copper was the first metal used to create work and household tools, weapons, costly ornaments and cultic objects. You’ll thrill at the stories of Hathor, the goddess of copper, and the deified Pharaoh Ramses. You’ll find remnants of Egyptian mythology and fascinating history. The multimedia presentation “The Mines of Time” brings these stories alive, and explains copper-mining from ancient Egyptian times to the present day.

Park Timna is a very large park, it is advisable to reach the park in vehicles rather than on foot!

You’ll also see exciting finds at the Temple of Hathor near the spectacular Solomon’s Pillars, at the Mushroom, the impressive Arches, and of course, the ancient rock-drawings depicting hunters of ostriches and ibexes, Egyptian battle chariots and other images.

Timna Park is outstanding in its variety of scenic, geological and archaeological sites of global significance. Its acacia trees and other arid-land vegetation, its herds of wild ibex looking out at you from the cliff tops, and its evidence of human activity from antiquity to the present all make Timna Park an incomparable visitor magnet. Various activities await you, including pedal boats on the lake, colored sand bottle craft, making “King Solomon’s stamps” and much more – fun for kids and grownups alike. You’ll also enjoy the delicacies at King Solomon’s Khan restaurant, a souvenir shop and overnight campgrounds.

Timna Park was jointly developed by Keren Kayemeth Leisrael, The Eilot Region Economic and Tourism Development Corporation and the Jewish National Fund – United States and the Chudnow family from Milwaukee, Wisc., USA. 

Park Timna