A pastoral event by the lake...

The paths to the lake will be illuminated by dozens of torches. Colorful lighting and torches will also illuminate the area around the lake and on Nehushtan Ridge, emphasizing the magic of the lake and the mountains.

The unique atmosphere is further enhanced by the round tables decorated in keeping with the desert surroundings. Buffet tables are arranged for convenient access for guests.

Terraces become seating corners with the feel of the desert, with mats, low tables and benches.

As you alight from your bus, you’ll be welcomed with flutes and drums as you walk along the torch-lit path to the cocktail bar. With drink in hand, you’ll enjoy the view of the illuminated lake and the desert atmosphere.

Soon it will be time to take your seat for dinner around the beautifully set dining tables and to enjoy the performance of a guest artist

Evening Events by the Lake