Bicycle lovers will find Timna Park a hidden paradise. The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has set up 54 kilometers of spectacular bike paths in the park, whose main theme is the "Single Timna" track, which is designed to fit a single cyclist - a group called cyclists will be required to ride one after another instead of parallel. Varied, with technical challenges, angles, ups and turns, while changing the height of  many who bring the rider to spectacular observation points.

The paths are divided into several levels, from comfortable family carriages to extreme tracks. Riders can come with their bikes or rent bikes instead. More than 100 pairs of advanced mountain bikes are waiting for riders, in different sizes adapted to adult and children and the all  family. The rental is from the age of 8 and up and takes place at the entrance to the park or at the shop counter in the lake complex.

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Bicycle rental prices: 60 NIS for half day rental
Electric bicycle rental prices: 85 NIS FOR 4 hours rental

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