How to Explore Timna Park 


Timna Park is one of the largest parks in Israel and covers an area of approximately 70,000 dunam / 17000 acres/7000 hectares (larger than the city of Tel Aviv!). Timna Park does not provide public transportation to and from the park and inside the park. Therefore it is highly recommended to arrive by private car (rental) or hire any number of reputable jeep tour agencies located in Eilat. 
Located at the park entrance is the Chudnow Visitor Center. At the ticket counters you will receive the information needed to enjoy your visit in the park. The park ranger will provide a road and trail map and explain how to tour the park. In addition, you will find a museum and toilet facilities. Coffee, cold drinks and refreshments, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are sold inside. 
The roads are well marked with signs at every intersection and major site. Each major site has parking facilities and shaded visitors centers.
The park has numerous hiking trails for families and experienced hikers. All are well marked and found on the map

At Timna Park, cycling is a fun way to explore the park.
Mountain and electric bicycles can be rented from September to May.
here are bicycle trails for families and experienced bikers.
Bicycle Rentals
Mountain bicycles must be used to ride the Singles tracks. 
Bicycle rental entails a fee and is possible during Park opening hours only.
It is not possible to rent a bicycle during hot summer days, and before dusk.