Park Disability Accessibility 

Disability Accessibility 
Timna Park is huge (approximately 70,000 dunams) and combines archeological and geological sites and endless breathtaking views of untouched desert. One of the Park’s unique features ​is to offer every visitor the opportunity to explore and experience this beautiful desert venue and the enchanting ambience that the Park offers. 
In order for us to provide optimal service for people with disabilities and for us to be able to prepare for your visit accordingly, we ask that you please indicate any disabilities at the time of booking.

Park Visiting Options for the Disabled

Disability Accessible Sites:
Visitor Center at the entrance to the Park
The Visitor Center is equipped to cater for visitors with disabilities and displays various exhibits and a 360-degree film for visitor’s enjoyment. Additionally, the Park offers disabled parking, disabled services, and an accessible drinking facility.
Main Sites
Timna Park has an array of roads that reach the main natural and archeological sites. Near these sites (150 meters) there is organized parking. Some sites have a shaded area displaying additional information about the site, and adjacent parking with an accessible path that reaches all the way to it. The shaded areas provide optimal views of the Park’s main and important sites.
Sites with shaded areas - the Mushroom, the Arches and the Chariots.
Additional sites that offer parking facilities close to the site – Solomon’s Pillars, Spiral Hill, the Sphinx and Mushroom and Half-Mushroom. Access from the parking lot to the sites themselves at this stage are not accessible (sites can be viewed remotely).
Disability accessible biological toilets are located at Solomon's Pillars and the Arches.
The lake complex has a shared disability accessible toilet / shower and dressing room. 
The Park’s restaurant and souvenir shop are disability accessible and are also equipped with disability accessible toilets. The restaurant offers disability accessible parking with an accessible path that reaches the entrance to the restaurant and souvenir shop.
Currently the Park’s various accommodation units in the accommodation complex surrounding Timna Lake are not disability accessible.
Parking: Only some of our accommodation units offer adjacent parking (some of the caravans and Khan). The Park is equipped with one central parking area for all other accommodation units, that is not adjacent to the accommodation units themselves (manual carts can be used to transport equipment). For the safety of our guests, vehicles are not permitted entrance to the accommodation complex, however, those with reduced mobility are given the option to bring any required equipment with a vehicle up to the unit itself.
For any further queries, please contact us by email [email protected] or call us at 08-6316756