Timna Lake 

Timna Lake is a stunning oasis located in the center of Timna Park, a refreshing attraction against a desert backdrop. Timna Lake is an artificial lake that was created by laying an embankment designed to protect the mines from floods that plague Nahal Nehushtan. As a result, floodwaters accumulate into a small seasonal lake at the foot of the embankment, in an area surrounded by rich vegetation. The artificial lake is located outside the flood route to create a permanent water point for animals and a focal activity area for adults and children who visit the Park. The Lake spreads over 16 dunams and holds approximately 20,000 cubic meters of water, that is not suitable for drinking.
Although swimming is not permitted, for swimming, Timna Lake is much more than just a desert oasis. Visitors can rent pedal boats to explore the Lake and a variety of accommodation areas and shaded seating are scattered along the banks of the Lake. Timna Cafe and Souvenir Shop are also located in close proximity.
Timna Lake was established through a joint investment of the Jewish National Fund, the JNF Group in the United States and Eilot Regional Council, and with the assistance of a donation from the Chandu family from Milwaukee in the United States.