Visitor Center 

The best way to truly understand the historical, cultural and geological background of Timna Park, is to start your visit at Timna Visitor Center. This modern structure, equipped with innovative audio-visual technologies brings the ancient story of Timna to life, showing an interesting story of people who, thousands of years ago, came to this region and took great risks to mine the first metal used by man – copper. The multimedia presentation takes visitors back in time on a journey full of magical sounds, sights, and colors to illustrate the process of copper production at Timna. Adults and children alike will enjoy this spectacular presentation  and fascinating encounter with the gods of ancient Egypt and the kingdom of the pharaohs.
The duration of the presentation is approximately 13 minutes and is accompanied by narration in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Our friendly and qualified Park Rangers are also stationed here. Knowing every nook and cranny of the Park, our rangers will be more than happy to assist you in selecting routes and tours suitable for you (routes for families, challenging routes, etc.). We recommend that all visitors consult with our rangers and receive full instructions detailing all Park recreation options together with precautions to be taken.