Timna Park Flora and Fauna

The climate in Timna Park is one of the driest in the world. ‘Real’ rain falls here only once every few years and in summer the temperature frequently exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. It seems that every creature with a little common sense would seek for another place to live, but thankfully that is not the case. Wheatear birds sing on the tops of the rocks, Sand Partridges roam among the acacia trees, the wide wadis are crossed by herds of Negev deer, and spiny-tailed lizards lay basking in the sun on the cliffs. All these and many more creatures have learned to adapt to life in the extreme desert climate, to adapt to the environment and find a safe home there.
Foxes, hyena and Northeast African spiny mice are active on cool nights. Many insects stay most of the time deep underground, the ibex and rock doves spend the hot hours in the shade, the Sinai Rose Finch Chinese fly to the cooler Negev plateau in summer. Only Sinai spiny-tailed lizards and other reptiles prefer to expose themselves to the heat, which warms their blood and thus allows them to move.

Rules of conduct when meeting animals in the Park:
Desert animals are perfectly adapted to their environment. Remember that we are guests visiting their home…and not the other way around.
Did you meet an animal in the park? Do not approach or chase them and of course do not feed them.
You can watch the animals from a distance, respect their space and let them continue their natural behavior.