Timna Activities

Timna Park offers a wide range of activities. One of our most important values ​​is to allow everyone the opportunity to "meet the desert" according to his physical abilities, hobbies and dreams. The Park offers several visitor cabins with parking lots, shade and even information relevant to the nearby site/sites. The cabins allow visitors to enjoy the sites from close up  (sites can be views from the parking lots) and just a short hike will lead you to the sites themselves where you can enjoy the unique formations and explore the desert. Parking lots are adjacent to the following sites: Mushroom, Solomon's Pillars, Arches, Chariots, Spiral Hill Half Mushroom and the Sphinx.

Additionally, Timna Park offers visitors:

  • A variety of hiking trails from trails suitable for families, amateurs and even professional hikers. Our Park Rangers at the Visitors Center will be happy to help you choose the right track for you.
  • Exclusive Guided Tours
  • Various cycling tracks suitable for families and challenging tracks for professional cyclists.
  • Unique sandstone rock climbing and bouldering routes (for professionals only).