Hiking Trails & Tours

Timna Park is a hiker's paradise and offers approximately 25 controlled hiking trails. Most of the trails are short (20-60 minutes hiking) and are suitable for the whole family. A minority of them are challenging and intended for professional hikers. The trails pass through various Park sites such as the Mushroom, Pillars of Solomon, and other stunning geological formations. Explore the Park on foot and visit the Canyon of Faces with its many geological formations that nature has created in the rocks, climb Mount Timna or walk from Spiral Hill to the Valley of Rock Paintings and the Chariots. We recommended you complete your hiking tour at Timna Lake where you can find shady corners to relax and enjoy the beautiful views or a light meal at Café Timna. Hiking trails are detailed on the route map and additional information about the trails, level of difficulty, length and additional recommendations can be obtained from our Park Rangers at the Visitors Center or any of our experienced Park staff.

For more information and any questions in advance you're welcome to contact our head Ranger, Ron. [email protected]

Safety Rules for Hikers on Footpaths:

Dear Hikers, for your safety, please observe the following rules and guidelines:

  • Trails are for hiking only, do not deviate from the marked path.
  • Adapt your hike to the terrain and weather conditions. Equip yourself with a hat, comfortable walking shoes and a sufficient amount of water (at least 3 liters per person). There are no water points along the trails, except at the Lake complex.
  • Trails sometimes pass along common roads for motor vehicles, pedestrians, and riders, stay safe and behave accordingly.
  • It is forbidden to hike in the dark
  • Beware of slippery and muddy roads, do not approach cliff edges, sliding and climb on cliffs is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not climb the geological formations in the Park, do not damage and / or vandalism them.
  • Lighting fires in the Park is prohibited. (Campfires and picnics are only permitted at the dedicated area near Timna Lake).
  • Flying drones without a permit is strictly prohibited.
  • DO NOT harm animals, plants, and inanimate objects!
  • Do not litter! Collect any garbage and dispose of it appropriately in designated facilities or take it with you.
  • During your visit you are responsible for your safety and the use of Park facilities. The Park shall not be held liable for any injury or damage caused to hikers and / or cyclists and/or drivers and/or passengers and / or pedestrians on trails intended for cyclists and any other path or trail in the Park. Do not endanger yourself and other visitors.