Cliff Climbing

Timna Park attracts rock climbers and bouldering addicts from all over the country. The Park boasts approximately 85 spectacular and exclusive climbing routes, scattered among the sandstone cliffs. These rocks create high friction, which makes climbing a convenient and fun experience. Climbing routes differ between 10-30 meters, providing climbers an opportunity to choose a route that best suits their personal skills. In addition to rock climbing, Timna Park offers bouldering activities for those who prefer to climb more freely, and without the use of ropes. The Park has official approval for these activities from the Israel Society for the Protection of Nature and regional inspectors, these activities do not cause any harm to the environment or the animals. Due to the Park’s desert location, the best season for climbing is during autumn and winter (October-March). Timna Park conveniently offers a variety of accommodation options for those wishing to maximize their climbing hours. Additionally, the Park rents bouldering crashpads on a daily basis.


Timna Park is one of the only places in Israel, where you can stay overnight in close proximity to climbing and bouldering sites, allowing you to wake up early and enjoy a full day of activity.


Timna Park Climbing Brochure 

Climbers Safety Regulations  

The Park’s climbing routes are approved and sponsored by the Israel Climbers' Club  Association, who inspect and maintain these routes on a regular basis. For your benefit and the benefit of other climbers, pay attention to Ranger and Park Staff guidelines, adhere to signage, and maintain the following safety regulations:

  • Climbing is permitted only for those who have undergone climbing and safety training, and any climbing activity is the sole responsibility of the climber.
  • Climbing is permitted on prominent routes only, approved by the Israel Climbers' Club Association.
  • Access to climbing areas is only permitted via the marked trails, do not deviate from them or open new access points.
  • Pay Attention – sandstone is soft and requires extra precaution.
  • Traditional "Trad" climbing is strictly forbidden! Lead climbing is only permitted in sporting  
  • style, and for security purposes, by using existing bolts only.
  • All climbers are required to use climbing equipment that meets the required standards and that suits the type of activity only.
  • A helmet must be worn (by all climbers & safety instructors (spotters) ) during all climbing activities.
  • Spotting is required during bouldering activities and all climbers must equip themselves with crashpads.
  • Climbing during rainy weather or floods is strictly forbidden and should be avoided for 48 hours following significant rainfall.
  • All climbers must equip themselves with a sufficient amount of water (a minimum of 3 liters per person).
  • Only red magnesium should be used during climbing (available for purchase at the Park’s Visitors Center), in order to prevent defacing rocks and cliffs.
  • Do not leave runners, rings, crashpads or other equipment along the routes at the end of your climb.  
  • Climbing sites are open to visitors during daytime only. Staying in the Park outside these hours is strictly forbidden and requires prior approval of the Park's Management.
  • Entrance to climbing sites during private events is prohibited.
  • Lighting fires in the Park is permitted in designated areas only, near the lake. Lighting fires in all other areas of the Park is strictly prohibited.
  • Accommodation in the Park area is only permitted in designated accommodation areas. Overnight camping near climbing sites is strictly forbidden.
  • Parking in climbing areas is only permitted in designated parking areas located in proximity to Solomon’s Pillars. Car access to the all climbing sites is prohibited.
  • Please keep the Park clean. Collect any garbage and dispose of it appropriately in the facilities provided, or take it with you.
  • The responsibility for your safety during your visit to Timna Park, and the use of its facilities, applies to you. The Park shall not be held liable for any injury or damage caused to climbers and / or anyone on their behalf. Do not endanger yourself and other visitors.
  • Should you encounter any hazards along the climbing routes or on the way to them, be sure to report these details to the Park Management, without delay.

Just before you arrive, please read the instructions and sign the statement.