Timna Park Cycling Trails

Timna Park us a hidden paradise for cycling addicts. Eilot Economic Company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Jewish National Fund, have constructed approximately 70 km of spectacular cycling trails throughout Timna Park. The highlight of these trails is the "Mine Single’’, built by cyclists for cyclists, implementing unique construction techniques. The trail is suited for cyclists riding behind each other, hence its name - Single. The trail winds along varied terrain and offers cyclists technical challenges.

The trails are divided into several levels, from comfortable family riding to extreme trails. Cyclists under the age of 12 require adult accompaniment. Cyclists can ride their own bikes or rent bikes onsite (extra charge). Please note: The bicycles available for rent are not professional bicycles and are only suitable for family single riding.

After a challenging day of cycling, there is nothing like staying overnight in the Park at one of our exclusive accommodation options! Wake up early the next day and enjoy additional cycling trails!

Timna Park Cycling Trails

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  • Family Trail  - level of difficulty - easy-medium (from age 8). Duration 1 – 1.5 hours.

Trail Description: Ride from the carpark, near Timna Lake towards Solomon’s Pillars. Continue cycling around Slave Hill and return along open terrain back towards the Lake. There are two shortcuts (marked in yellow on the map).

  •  "Copper" Singles for professional cyclists – difficulty - medium. Duration 1.5-2 hours.

Trail Description: Ride from the carpark, near Timna Lake towards Solomon’s Pillars. Continue cycling towards the Mushroom, encircle it on the west, cycling towards the west in the direction of the Sphynx and then back towards the lake.

  • "Mines" Singles for professional cyclists – difficulty – medium to difficult. Duration 3-4  hours.

Trail Description: Ride north from the carpark at the Visitors Center (at the entrance to the Park) until you reach the cliff line. Ride along the cliffs, passing by the Chariots and the Arches until you reach the top of Berech Ascent. Continue from this point towards the Sphinx until you reach the Lake. Leave the lake to return towards the Visitors Center along a Singles track that passes by Solomon’s Pillars, until you reach the Visitors Center.

Cyclist Safety Rules

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable ride, which considers all users of the trail, please observe the following signage instructions and rules:

  • Entrance to Singles is solely permitted from Timna regulated carparks - Timna Park Visitors Center, Timna Lake Complex, Solomon’s Pillars, Arches Visitors Center and the Chariots Visitors Center.
  • Trails are for cyclists only. The use of motorcycles or other motorized vehicles along trails  is strictly forbidden!
  • Riding is only allowed along marked cycling trails, any deviation is forbidden and dangerous.
  • The trails pass along common roads for motor vehicles and pedestrians. Ride with caution, in accordance with traffic laws, and in accordance with road signage.
  • The trails are intended for skilled and experienced cyclists only. Riders under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Cycling must be adapted to terrain conditions and riders’ abilities. Along challenging sections, get off you bike and walk. Beware of slipping, do not approach the edge of cliffs.
  • Equip yourself with safety equipment suitable for riding and walking, it is mandatory to wear a helmet.
  • It is mandatory to have a sufficient amount of water (at least 3 liters per rider). There are no  water stations along the trail, except in the lake compound.
  • Riding in the dark is dangerous and strictly forbidden.
  • Plan your ride according to the weather. Do not ride on rainy days and do not cross flowing stream channels. On extremely hot days, avoid riding to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.
  • Lighting fires is strictly prohibited (campfires and picnics are permitted at the Lake complex only).
  • Many efforts have been made to regulate the trails for riding, please maintain them and report any hazards.
  • It is strictly forbidden to harm animals, plants and inanimate objects!
  • Do not litter! Dispose of garbage in designated facilities or take it with you.
  • During your visit you are responsible for your safety and the use of Park facilities. The Park shall not be held liable for any injury or damage caused to hikers and / or cyclists and/or drivers and/or passengers and / or pedestrians on trails intended for cyclists and any other path or trail in the Park. Do not endanger yourself and other visitors.


Before you set of to explore Timna Park by bike, please read the instructions carefully and sign the letter of commitment.