Cyclists Letter of Commitment

I hereby declares that I wish to participate in a cycling activity at Timna Park (hereinafter: the ‘Activity’ and the ‘Park’), and I agree to and confirm the following:

  1. I am aware that the cycling trails and the cycling takes place in open terrain and on dirt tracks, and that the participation in this type of Activity may be dangerous and may cause bodily and property damage.
  2. I am a competent and skilled cyclist, my health and physical condition are good and stable and I do not know of any limitation and / or physical and/or health prevention that may impair my ability to participate in such Activity.
  3. I am fully aware of the risks that may occur during the Activity and, despite acknowledging such risks, I voluntarily choose to participate in the Activity.
  4. Riding is under my sole responsibility, and I hereby accept full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to me and / or any third party during the Activity in the Park. No person shall be deemed liable for any harm or injury caused to me or anyone on my behalf during the Activity on permitted trails and / or any other trails.
  5. I hereby acknowledge that cycling in the Park is only permitted along designated trails, and that any deviation is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
  6. The trails pass along common roads for motor vehicles and pedestrians. I hereby declare that I will ride with caution, in accordance with traffic laws, and in accordance with road signage.
  7. I hereby acknowledge that the Activity is intended for experienced and skilled cyclists  only and that riders under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  8. I hereby undertake to plan my cycling Activity in accordance with weather conditions and any such planning is my sole responsibility.
  9. I hereby declare that I will not participate in such Activity on rainy days and will not cycle across flowing river channels. Furthermore, on extremely hot days I will avoid such Activity to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.
  10. I hereby undertake to equip myself with a sufficient amount of water (at least 3 liters per cyclist) and I acknowledge that there are no water stations along cycling trails, except at Timna Lake complex.
  11. I acknowledge that cycling in the dark is strictly forbidden.
  12. I acknowledge that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding.


I hereby declare that I have read and fully acknowledge the aforesaid regulations and guidelines and I attach my signature hereto, of my own free will.