Camping  - Pitch Your Own Tent

Sleep under the starts in your own tent to experience desert nights at their best!
Everything you need for perfect camping: breakfasts and dairy menus served at "Timna Cafe," clean toilets and comfortable showers with hot water 24 hours a day, electric sockets, low-light outdoor lighting, garbage cans, faucets, camping tables, refrigerators, barbecue stations, and dedicated parking facilities.

Tent pitching areas differ in location and size, therefore the number of people that can stay varies from one location to another.

Please note! Tent pitching areas are in close proximity to each other, and there is no complete separation between them.

Choose the site you prefer, according to size, the number of people who plan to stay/ type of tent you intend to pitch.

Dekel Camping  - Large area (approx. 28 sqm) - minimum 6 campers. Suitable for  up to 2 regular family tents (of standard size).

Rotem Camping  - Medium area (approx. 25 sq.m.) - minimum 4 campers. Suitable for a large family tent (up to 8 people) or 2 double tents.

Eshel Camping  - Small area (approx. 12 square meters) - minimum 2 campers. Suitable for a double tent or a family tent of standard size.

The pitch area number will be provided on your arrival.

If you own a particularly large tent (such as a Coleman tent) it is recommended to contact our Sales Team to ensure that the tent fits the pitch area.

For large and multi-participant events, we offer a large complex which includes all the complementary conditions, for pitching private tents independently.

Don’t Forget to Bring! Your tent, sleeping bags, pillows, towels, toiletries, kitchen utensils (cooking utensils, serving utensils and reusable / consumable utensils), a personal BBQ.

You may rent mattresses from the Park, when you place a reservation. If you arrive and decided to rent additional mattresses, please contact the Park’s Night Duty Manager.

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