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Dear Guests, 
Welcome to Timna Park Accommodation Bookings and Guided Tours.

Please note that the Park’s online booking system will only offer available accommodation options / and guided tour schedule, according to the number of guests and availability.
Please ensure to select the accommodation that suits you!
When booking accommodation, we recommend you add one of the Park’s guided tours to enjoy our exclusive special offers for overnight guests.
During the booking process it is possible to add additional items/services in order to maximize your enjoyment when stay with us.
In the "Booking Comments" you are required to state the following details:
♦ Billing according to the number of payments: Option to charge up to 3 payments without  
    interest – Any sum due will be charged in one payment if you fail to specify the number of   
    payments you prefer.
♦ Late check-in/check-out entails a fee: You can select your time of arrival (outside regular  
    hours of operation). Please specify your request in Booking Comments and we will contact 
    you to confirm and coordinate (in writing).
♦ Late arrival: If you are staying at the Park it is recommended to arrive before 16:00. 
    If you plan to arrive late, you are required to contact us to coordinate your time of arrival  
    and receipt of the accommodation complex dedicated camping area.
When booking accommodation, you can add breakfast to your reservation: Breakfast Menu

After entering all your details, you will receive an email confirming your reservation.
Booking confirmation is automatic, actual credit card billing will be performed in accordance with the Park's payment policy.
On arrival at the Park, you are required to present your reservation number and identify yourself according to the name stated in the reservation (no printed reservation confirmation is required).

For more important information click here
Booking conditions, how to book, how to pay, cancellation policy and booking modifications.

 Additional Remarks:
☼ For your convenience please read the following information regarding Booking conditions, how to book, how to pay, cancellation policy and booking modifications.
☼ Requests for adjacent units or camping areas – unfortunately we are unable to guarantee this type of request in advance. This request depends on availability of the types of accommodations.
☼ If you are staying in the Park overnight, it is recommended to arrive by car (all vehicles must park at the carpark near Timna Lake. Vehicles are prohibited to enter the accommodation complex area).
☼ At Timna Lake Reception – the Park’s night duty managers are available to assist you to your selected accommodation unit, even after Visitors Center opening hours.
☼ Midweek check-in is from 15:00 onwards. Check-in on Saturdays is from 16:00 onwards. Midweek check -out is no later than 11:00. Check-out on Fridays, Holiday Eves / Midweek Holidays / Dates of Special Events – is no later than 10:00.
 ☼  For those reserving an area to pitch a tent/or a dedicated pitch for a private caravan – pitching and parking is available from 14:00 onwards, dismantling and check-out is until  11:00. On Holiday Eves/ Midweek Holidays/ Dates of Special Events check-out is until 10:00.
   After checking out, you are invited to take advantage of the rest of the day to tour and explore the Park. You are required to leave the park no later than dusk. .
☼ Check in to accommodation units is from 15:00 onwards. Check-in on Saturdays is from 16:00 onwards. Midweek check-out is no later than 11:00. Check-out on Fridays, Holiday Eves / Midweek Holidays / Dates of Special Events – is no later than 10:00.
☼ The recommended time of arrival is until 16:00 or dusk.
☼ Late check-in and check-out entails a fee and prior arrangement (late check-in and check-out are not available during Holidays or dates of special events. holidays and events), and according to the available options:
    Late check-in  21:00-23:00 entails an additional fee of 50 NIS per unit / Thursdays only -   
    refers to 22:00-24:00.
    Late check-out until 14:00 entails an additional fee of 150 NIS per accommodation unit/  
    Khan Shizaf - 300 NIS.
    Late check-out until 17:00 entails an additional fee of 250 NIS for accommodation units / 
    Khan Shizaf - 300 NIS
☼ In order to maintain the character of the Park, we ask that you refrain from making noise, playing music or musical instruments in the complex, without prior permission from the Park’s night duty manager.
☼ Timna Lake is not intended for bathing.

☼ Infants/Toddlers - up to 3 years old. Children – between 3 to 14 years old. Adults from the age of 14.
☼ Breakfast can be ordered in advance, as part of the accommodation package – the price per person from the age of 3 is 49 NIS .
☼ An infant/toddler under the age of 3 is not charged for accommodation, and therefore, it is not possible to add breakfast for children under the age of 3 years. You are welcome to purchase breakfasts for infants/toddlers at "Cafe Timna".
☼ Prices during Holidays and exclusive Park events - will be updated according to the price list of holidays and events.
☼ Mattress rental (for camping guests) entails a fee of 15 NIS per mattress per night (it is recommended to pre-book this service).
☼ The Park does not provide kitchen utensils, please bring all the equipment you require with to prepare meals outside your accommodation unit (cooking inside units is prohibited).
☼ Free parking is available for visitors staying overnight in the Park. The carpark is conveniently located near the accommodation complex. Please note, for safety reasons, parking next to the various accommodation units is strictly prohibited. 
☼ The Park provides service carts to conveniently transport luggage and equipment from vehicles to the accommodation area.
☼ The Park provides a dedicated area for campfires, located in close proximity to the  accommodation complex. Lighting fires in any other area inside the Park is strictly prohibited.
☼ Guests can purchase special fire ‘Bricks’/charcoal, charcoal lighter fuel and additional products at the convenience store located in the accommodation complex.

Timna Park is a nature reserve, so you might encounter animals during your visit or stay at the Park.
Please remember that we are visitors of the Park, who are visiting their home and not vice versa.